Collector and NFT Funds on Syndicate

Last Friday, the newest Syndicate DAO launched on our platform—Delphi INFINFT—an decentralized automated organization (DAO) enabling people to invest in NFTs, cryptomedia, and related startups.

Along with Flamingo DAO, PleasrDAO, and others, INFINFT is one of the world’s first onchain NFT funds that will invest ~$5M in ~20 NFT projects in 2021. INFINFT is co-run by Delphi Digital and gmoney and is backed by IDEO CoLab Ventures, Gabby Dizon (Yield Guild), Jiho (Axie Infinity), Andrew Steinwold (Sfermion), Andy (Fractional), Calvin Liu (Compound), Will Price, and many more.

Collector and NFT Funds are just the third of many applications for Syndicate that are rolling out now and in the weeks ahead.

Turning Collectors into Investors

In the last few months, interest in NFTs has grown exponentially, bringing a new wave of users into the crypto ecosystem: creators, artists, fans, and collectors—people who come for the creativity and culture but are staying for the newfound social connections and economic freedoms that NFTs, DAOs, and crypto uniquely enable.

Fans and collectors have always had an influence over art and media, in terms of what gets attention and becomes valuable after they’re created. But what if this could be taken even further? What if fans and collectors could proactively invest in and shape what art and media gets created? What if fans and collectors could proactively invest in the new infrastructure that enables what art and media could be created in the first place, and in the future?

We believe that this is the future—not only for NFTs, but for art and media broadly: fans and collectors on the internet will evolve to become the biggest and most influential investors in art and media—and also in the infrastructure and technology that power them.

And all of this will be enabled at scale across the internet by DAOs.

Calling All Fans and Collectors

We’re pioneering state-of-the-art Decentralized Finance (DeFi), DAO, and cryptosocial technologies at Syndicate, and we’re applying them to democratize investing and bring radical new models for investing to the world that are fundamentally more open, free, and fair.

If you’re a group of passionate NFT fans and collectors who want to be a part of this transformative shift, reach out to us, as we’re working with leading groups of NFT collectors to drive this change.

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